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Welcome to the RAFTT portal! The following instructions will guide you through the process of finding resource providers specializing in meeting your needs. You can search for information in three ways:

Click on any combination of the three options listed. TIP: Using all three will help narrow your result to specific providers who specialize in your need.

I am…
Select the description that best identifies you or the person for whom your search applies.
I need INFORMATION about…
Select the category that best describes the service or information for which you are searching.
From PROVIDERS who offer…
Select from a list of services that meet your needs.


SERVICES specific to…
Choose from an alphabetical listing of key words to help narrow your search.


Provider listings CONTAINING…
Enter any words or numbers to help narrow your search. For example, providers in a specific ZIP CODE or CITY, the NAME of a person or organization,
or the PHONE NUMBER or WEB ADDRESS of a provider.

Once you have made your selections, click on the button and a listing of providers will appear.

You can click on the button to be directed to the provider website.

Want to start again? Click on the button to begin a new search.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can choose any combination of any SEARCH BY: field followed by
the button to customize your experience.

Customize your Search Results
Once your search results appear, you have the following options:

Rows per Page : Select the number of results you wish to display at one time. You might wish to display as many as possible.
Scroll down and click on the button to display the next group of results (if applicable).

allows you to open and/or save your results to a spreadsheet. Once you open the file, you can print and/or save the results.

Select how you want to display your search results:

USERS: We want your : Find an error? Having problems navigating the site? Have a question? Let us know!
PROVIDERS: Find an error? Want to change or delete information? Click on .

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